Digital Music Distribution

Digital Music Distribution Company is a very necessary path for all artists. Artists have to be familiar or should have good knowledge about that company where he is going to submit his music or complete music album. The very important thing is that always submit your music 6 weeks before your release date to ensure that it’ll be processed with enough time to secure the date and promote your material.

Here is the best way to submit your music digitally to iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play and several other digital stores. These all Digital Music Distribution platforms offer different services and all have their cons and pros. Continue to read about the top most famous digital music distribution company UK currently in use, and see why this is the best which suits you or your project. The answer to this query is Union IV Direct because it charges as low as it can, annually to promote your single or for an album with worldwide distribution.

Union IV Direct does not cost much money however it is becoming the largest and most trusted music distribution company in the UK and all over the world. It is also maintaining 100% of your money that your music earns from digital music distribution. It does not take a percentage. It only charges the annual fee.

You can update your info online at any moment and withdraw any income earned whenever you please or you want. It has a free and easy sign up to join. After joining it will run you through your account, making your album or single sale, select your stores, upload your artwork and cash out in the end. You’ll also have access to your very own sales page with monthly updates. It also features a weekly newsletter and blog including videos and articles about your exclusive artist copyright and how you could make more money from your music.